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Chase the Ace

Chase the Ace
Sunday, June 25, 2017
License No. AGD—107126-16

June 18th winner was Kryotyne Beed who won $165.00. The card drawn was the Jack of Diamonds.

The next Jackpot will be $8,115.50 plus 30% of that day sales. The owner of the winning ticket will get 20% of the days sales plus the chance to pick the card for the jackpot.

Tickets 1 for $5; 3 for $10; 7 for $20. The Sunday ticket sale times are 11:00am to 1:00pm with the ticket draw at 1:15pm. 

You do not have to be present for the draw to still win, Atlantic Lottery regulations requires that only the winner can pick up the prize.

“Parishioner Elizabeth Sampson has her picture taken with Archbishop Anthony Mancini at the 2017 New Year’s Day Levee.”